Seller Policies

Stockabl is a business-to-business wholesale marketplace connecting buyers to sellers (you) of unique, handmade, and local goods.

This page details your rights and responsibilities as a seller on the platform.

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By using Stockabl as a seller, you’re agreeing to the policy enumerated below and our Terms of Use.

1. Overview

We’re excited that you are interested in becoming a Maker on Stockabl – the makers marketplace. You can find Stockabl through its website (from here on referred to as the “Site“) and mobile applications (collectively the “Application”) which together we will refer to as “Services” for the rest of these terms for simplicity.

Throughout these Maker Terms of Service (“Maker Terms“), the terms “Stockabl“, “us“, and/or “we” refers to Stockabl – the makers marketplace. The terms “you” and/or “your” obviously refer to you as a user of our Services as a Maker.

There are a few documents that impact how you can use our Services to sell your products as a Maker, including these Maker Terms, our General Terms of Use, and our Privacy Policy. We will refer to these terms throughout this document and you are acknowledging and agreeing to these policies by use of the Services. It’s also important to note that anytime we use the words “include” or “including”, we mean “including, but not limited to”.

2. Definitions

  1. Maker” means a handcrafted brand or person who intends to use the Services to sell their goods to Retailers.
  2. Retailer” means a legitimate buyer for or owner of a retail establishment who uses these Services to purchase goods for resale.
  3. Transaction Fee” means a fee charged on the total or subtotal of the order

3. How to Register a Maker Account

  1. Your Maker Account
    All Makers who sell their handcrafted products on Stockabl must submit an application for review and approval by Stockabl. If approved, you will be issued an account (“Maker Account“). We review every application that we receive and make a good faith effort to alert you of our decision as soon as we are able to.

    Please keep in mind that we are only able to accept a limited number of Makers at any time, and that we have no obligation to accept you as a Maker. By submitting your application you release Stockabl from any liability regarding if you are accepted to the platform or not (meaning you can’t sue us if we don’t accept you or take a long time to get back to you).

    Sellers are approved based on criteria such as brand identity (including brand photography, social media presence, website appearance, and product quality), pricing, and the ability to scale their business.

    By submitting your application and acceptance of these terms, you are saying you give permission to our company and our affiliate payment processors to collect payment for orders and disburse those funds to you and in your name.
  2. Outside Wholesale Relationships
    You may have one or more relationships with sales representatives (“Reps“) that cover specific geographic territories.

    We are happy to work with your Reps to streamline the order process for your Retailers. Upon request we can create linked accounts for your Reps that will enable them to submit buyer accounts for quick registration and earn any referral bonuses we are currently offering Reps (at no additional cost to you).
  3. The Retailer-Maker Relationship
    Retailer contact information can be found on existing orders in the shop dashboard. Sellers on Stockabl are free to directly contact Stockabl buyers with whom they have an established business relationship for the purposes of marketing their line on Stockabl (as long as the retailer has given their permission to be contacted).

    What does this mean in practice?
    Don’t add a retailer to your mailing list without their permission. If they ask you to stop contacting them, cease immediately.

    Other reasons to contact a retailer.
    Sellers may also contact Stockabl buyers for the purposes of conveying information about an order or order inquiry. Sellers are encouraged to use the messaging options available on the site for their protection in the case of a dispute but are not required to do so.

    Contacting retailers you don’t know.
    Don’t do it. They don’t like it, we don’t like it, nobody likes it. Occasionally we will post open calls from retailers looking for specific items. We will provide specific instructions for contacting those retailers at that time. Don’t use our messaging system either to spam retailers that you don’t know. Doing so will result in the suspension of your account.

    Pre-Existing Retailer Relationships
    Sellers with pre-existing relationship to an approved Stockabl buyer may continue placing and fulfilling orders outside of Stockabl (i.e. your own website, via email, another platform, etc).

    However, if the retailer places an order with you through the Stockabl system, it is considered bad-faith to move the transaction off platform as it could deprive another member of an Ambassador Bonus and discourage retailers from placing orders with other members. 

    What does this mean in practice?

    Invite your retailers to join and encourage them to order from you (and your fellow makers). If they initiate an order with you on the site, do not cancel it and instruct them to order from you somewhere else. We will kick you off because that’s just bad business. Basically, don’t be shady and we’ll all be good!

4. Onboarding

  1. Shop Page
    Every Maker has their own dedicated shop page on the Site where your products (and no one else’s) are featured. Once you are accepted to the platform you will receive access to create and modify your shop page through the shop dashboard. We may review your content and make changes or remove any of the Content you submit if it doesn’t comply with our internal guidelines for shop pages (but this is very rare). If you need assistance with this process, please submit a support ticket.
  2. Product Listings
    Your product listings compose your wholesale line sheet. Your listings should include the following information: product name, case size (if applicable, default is 1), wholesale price, retail MSRP, product description, and any product variations (if applicable). Each listing must also have at least one high-resolution photograph of the product. All products must meet the Stockabl Product Guidelines. Stockabl reserves the right to reject any Content that we find doesn’t meet our internal guidelines.
  3. Order Minimums
    You may set minimum order quantities on a per order and/or per product basis.

    Order Minimums
    You can set and edit your shop order minimum from the shop dashboard. We only offer one total order minimum at this time. This minimum is displayed on your shop page and generates a warning message in the cart and at checkout for Retailers, but is not enforced which allows you to accept smaller orders as desired. You are free to request a Retailer add additional items to their order to bring it up to the minimum or cancel the order (for any reason, including below the minimum).

    Per Product Minimums
    Per product minimums are set from the product editor on individual products and are enforced by the cart (meaning a Retailer will be unable to add quantities not allowed by your minimums).
  4. Lead Times
    You can set and edit your typical order lead time from the shop dashboard. We strongly recommend all makers include this to give Retailers a reasonable expectation for how long it will take for them to receive their order. Once you receive an order you can provide updated information regarding expected shipping times and tracking numbers via the order notes.

5. Content License, Representations and Warranties

  1. License
    You own all of the Content that you upload to our Services. By using our Services you grant us the write to use that Content in the execution of our services which may include reuse or modification for public display, advertising, marketing, publicity, or other initiatives or events. You also agree that Stockabl can grant.a limited sublicense to Retailers to use your Content for their website for the sole purpose of promoting products purchased from you through our Services.
  2. Representations and Warranties
    You are solely responsible for any Content that you produce within our Services. This also means that you agree to only publish Content which you are the exclusive owner of or that you have all of the appropriate rights, licenses, consents, and releases for.
    You agree that you will not post any content that infringes on someone else’s intellectual property (including but not limited to trademarks and copyrights), or content that is abusive, libelous, misleading, harassing, obscene or unlawful.

    You agree that you will not use a false name, email address, or mislead us or third parties as to the origin of any Content you post.
    You and you alone are responsible for the Content that you post to the Services and its accuracy and Stockabl assumes no responsibility or liability. You agree to release Stockabl from any such liability related to Content that you post and agree to indemnify Stockabl per the terms listed in the Indemnification section below.

 6. Product Listing, Orders and Compliance

  1. Product Listing
    We ask that you list your entire wholesale catalog on the marketplace, unless you receive written approval from us to do so. All product listings require a product description. Stockabl reserves the right to accept or reject any products for any reason and has the final say on all Content within your shop. Your products must meet the Stockabl Product Guidelines.
  2. Product and Content Compliance
    All of your products and Content must meet our Product Guidelines.

    You agree only to sell items on Stockabl that comply with our community standards of independent, handmade or otherwise not mass-manufactured goods, and do not violate the intellectual property of anyone else.
  3. Order Management
    You agree to accurately and faithfully update the status of orders through the Stockabl purchase order system (for example, as “Approved,” “Shipped,” or “Paid”). Failure to do so is considered fee avoidance and may result in the suspension or termination of your account and subject you to other collection mechanisms.

    You agree not to use Stockabl’s features or tools to direct transactions off-platform, or to circumvent or manipulate our fee structure, the billing process, or fees owed to Stockabl in any way.

    All purchase orders initiated through Stockabl must remain on Stockabl.

    You agree to allow buyers and Stockabl to contact you via phone, or email regarding orders you receive. Not responding to inquiries from Stockabl or buyers with whom an order has been placed within seven (7) calendar days may result in the suspension or termination of your account.

    You are solely responsible for collecting and remitting any and all taxes applicable to any sales you make on Stockabl and for requesting and inspecting any documents required for taxes or tax exemptions from Retailers.

7. Product Pricing

  1. Pricing Consistency
    Retailers look for wholesale goods in many locations. To maintain trust with them, your prices on Stockabl (barring limited time promotions) must be the same as other wholesale and retail channels where your products can be found (either online or not).
  2. Price Audits
    From time to time we conduct audits of prices and content on products. In the event that an issue is identified, we will reach out to you and ask you to take steps to resolve the issue. If you do not resolve the issue in a timely fashion, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend your Maker Account.

8. Transaction Fees, Placement Fees, and Payout Schedule

  1. Acceptance of Terms
    By use of our Services, you acknowledge and agree to the transaction fee, fees, calculations, and payout schedules we will explain below. You authorize Stockabl and/or our payment processors to process all calculations and settle and transfer funds to your banking account.
  2. Percentage
    Unless otherwise communicated, Stockabl does not charge Makers a Transaction Fee on orders. Certain categories of products or a Maker’s location may result in a different Transaction Fee structure which will be communicated to you during your onboarding process.
  3. Calculation
    Your payment consists of the product subtotal of the accepted order plus any shipping charged to the Retailer, less any unavailable or canceled products, Payment Processing fees, and Currency Conversion fees (if applicable) which is deducted prior to your payment being sent.
    Payment Processing fees are currently 2.9% + $0.55 and currency conversion is 2%.
  4. Payout Schedule
    All orders placed on Stockabl are paid to Makers within 72 hours of an order funding. In the event that a Retailer is approved for a refund, a payment retrieval will be issued to your account. Retrievals must be processed within 72 hours. If you fail to process Retrievals in a timely fashion or have outstanding issues with disputes, chargebacks or other order issues, Stockabl reserves the right to suspend or terminate your Membership.

9. Closing Your Stockabl Account

  1. Account Closure Options
    If a seller chooses to terminate their account with Stockabl, and would like to retain their order information in order to continue to service the retailer relationships they have established, they can export their order history from their shop dashboard before closing their account.

    Sellers are free to continue to service these clients, but under no circumstances is it allowed that they discourage Stockabl buyers from using the Stockabl platform for other business.

    2. Membership Termination
    If you would like to cancel your Stockabl membership, you may do so at any time from the membership tab on the dashboard, and you will no longer be charged effective the following billing period.*

    For Legacy PayPal subscriptions please submit a support ticket for instructions on canceling your subscription.

    Account access is suspended at the next billing cycle for members with on-site membership plans, or immediately for members subscribed via our legacy PayPal system

    *Cancellations processed within 24 hours of the next billing cycle may be billed due to PayPal limitations. If this happens to you, please contact support for assistance.

    3. Refunds of Membership Dues
    Due to the nature of the digital memberships and services, we do not offer refunds for current or prior monthly membership payments.

    For quarterly and yearly memberships, we offer a partial refund for requests made within 14 days of billing.

Last updated May 1st, 2020



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