Strawberry Cat Ball cat bed | Novelty pet bed that looks like fruit

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The strawberry Cat Ball® cat bed is a novelty cat bed that looks like fruit. The Cat Ball® is a hexagonal cat bed with two openings, one larger than the other.

Our modern cat bed design is made of fabric and foam, is washable, and made in USA.



The Strawberry Cat Ball cat bed is a novelty cat bed that looks like fruit. Our Cat Ball® cat bed is a hexagonal cat bed with two openings. We’ve used a red micro polka dot fabric and a kelly green ruffle detail to create the look of a strawberry cat bed. The lining is a strawberry print by Riley Blake.

* The Cat Ball® is our original hexagonal cat bed design, and has two openings
* The small opening is about 6″ diameter and the larger one is about 8″

* Made with 100% cotton fabrics and foam. The bed is flexible and can be compressed. There is no internal frame
* Fits cats to about 18 – 19 pounds
Fully washable. Read these directions.
Listen to our advice, folks. We learned this stuff the hard way!

* Do not bleach.
* Wash with cold water to preserve color and avoid excessive shrinking.
* Use a front loading washing machine for best results.
* Tumble dry on LOW HEAT. A hotter setting will shrink fabrics, and we don’t want that. It’s also OK to air dry.

The Cat Ball® and Cat Canoe® are my original designs and concepts, and are registered trademarks.
Your cat will figure it out ®

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