Nostalgia – Vintage Style Jewelry Starter Pack

Retail: $612.00


This nostalgic starter pack features a 22-piece collection of our most popular dragonflies, charm necklaces, sparrows and lockets. With five matching sets and 12 individual trinkets, this collection will make a lovely presentation attracting those who love both vintage and jewelry with special meaning. Rich in symbolism, this colorful collection will capture the hearts of customers who love jewelry that goes beyond style. Whether for gifting, or for keeping, these meaningful designs are just the right price point for a quick and easy purchase.

What’s in the starter pack…

  • Large Art Nouveau dragonfly pendant necklace in Mystic Blue (2″ wide dragonfly) 14.00
  • Matching dragonfly earrings in Mystic Blue 10.00
  • Mystic Blue sparrow miniature book locket necklace 14.00
  • Mystic Blue petite sparrow earrings 9.00
  • Red sparrow miniature book locket necklace 14.00
  • Matching petite red sparrow earrings 9.00
  • Teeny red key and miniature book locket necklace 14.00
  • Vibrant purple sparrow and tulip book locket necklace 16.00
  • Vibrant purple little sparrow earrings 9.00
  • Red puffed heart miniature book locket necklace 14.00
  • Bright ivory floral filigree locket necklace with petite sparrow (diffuser locket) 17.00
  • Black floral and sparrow filigree locket necklace (diffuser locket) 17.00
  • “I Love Paris” charm necklace with domed sepia Eiffel tower, antique bronze heart and tiny key charm 16.00
  • “Dream” petite charm necklace with domed dream charm, antique bronze star and wishbone 16.00
  • “Love Notes” music charm necklace with domed song sheet, antique bronze treble clef and tiny heart 16.00
  • “Bluebird of Happiness” charm necklace with domed bluebird charm, antique bronze little bird and tiny heart charms 16.00
  • “Love, Heart & Key” charm necklace with sepia domed love charm, vibrant purple fancy heart and tiny antique bronze key charm 16.00
  • “Good Luck” miniature book locket necklace with tiny vintage green four leaf clover and antique bronze wishbone charm 14.00
  • Antique bronze book locket, sparrow and classic black tulip charm necklace 16.00
  • Mystic Blue Art Nouveau dragonfly brooch (2″ wide) 14.00
  • Petite Mystic Blue dragonfly earrings 9.00
  • “Faith” petite charm necklace with sepia, domed faith charm, antique bronze tiny cherub and heart charms 16.00


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