loveMORE judgeLESS Charcoal Rebel Baby Onesie

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A good little reminder, on an adorable little onesie. Responsibly sourced fabrics. Conscientiously produced. Women empowering women.


A good little reminder, on an adorable little onesie. Also, each onesie is hand stamp on the inside with fun sizing information, just to add to the cuteness.

Offered in black with white polka dot and pink print, and in charcoal grey with white print. We try not to follow any gender rules. We’d rather you make your own.

Made of a 88% cotton/12% Poly blend to help ensure softness and washability. CPSIA Compliant.

Designed and created by us.


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Weight.25 lbs
Dimensions12 × 10 × .5 in

NB, 6M, 12M, 18M, 24M


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Simply put, we want women to love who they are, just as they are. We’re tired of being told who we should be and how we should be. So, we started a company to help those like us rebel against the notion that they need to look outside of themselves for approval. We aren’t broken. We don’t need to be fixed.

We are not a number. We are not our zip code, income, pant size or age. We are women. Strong. Beautiful. Authentic women. We are not our past or what’s been done to us or said about us.

When women empower one another, the world changes. And that is why we started this company. We stand strong in our belief that empowerment needs to happen from thread to hanger. So we only with work US companies that adhere to ethical work practices. Also too, the earth shouldn’t suffer because we want to look good. So all of our fabrics are responsibly sourced. We use earth friendly inks, and hand screen in small batches. Our candles are phthalate free and petroleum free. Just US soy, beeswax and fragrance oils. We do all of this ourselves in our shop. And most importantly, a portion of our profits goes toward empowering other women. Every purchase you make helps us do that.

Samantha & Chloe