Kayak Rustic Wall Art and Decor

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Layers of wood set in relief, this pieces is of a Kayak silhouetted against a lake with coast line in the background.

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Mountain Silhouette wall art that reflects the vibrant color of the nature. Each piece has 3 layers of wood set in relief. Each panel is laser cut and stained, and then held together with rivets.

Kayak silhouetted against a lake with coast line in the background.

TEXT ///
Adventure Awaits

SIZE ///
This version is 8 inches x 10 inches.

Red kayak with green mountains and blue sky and water.

Due to the nature of… Mother Nature… no piece will look exactly alike. Each piece will vary slightly in color, density, grain patterns, knots, etc. The world is full of these pleasant little surprises!


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Jessica Moore is a graphic designer with 20 years experience and holds an MFA in Integrated Design; her art is the perfect antidote to a career in corporate design. The work bridges digital and analog while using new technology to construct layered, laser-cut, stained wooden scenes that are stitched together to recreate the landscapes that she loves throughout the Rocky Mountain West. Previously Moore worked for professional services firms, and after spending 8 weeks nestled at a camp in Pike National Forest in the summer of 2015, she launched her business to both engage my passion for the mountains and goal to never going back into an office. At camp, she would fall asleep thinking about recreating the landscape in layers and the vibrant hues that surrounded her, and she is thrilled with the digital creation and tactile nature of the end product. She became a full-time RVer in 2017, so that she may be more directly inspired by her surrounding, wherever she parks. Moore is a recent graduate of the Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institutes’ program for launching businesses, and she is excited to share her mountain scenes.


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Kayak Rustic Wall Art and Decor

Retail: $44.00

In stock

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