Saanjh Bamboo Mobile Amplifiers | Voice Enhancers

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Availability: Made-to-order. Please note this item is on made on order basis.

MOQ: 100pcs

Lead time for MOQ: 4-6 weeks

Pricing: Wholesale price given is ex-works Mumbai, India.  FOB/CIF available.

Shipping: To be discussed with buyer.

Material: Bamboo

Dimensions: Free Size. Can be used with any size mobile phone.

Country of Origin: India

Characteristics: Eco-friendly | Sustainable | Biodegradable | Handmade

Ships From: India

Made By SKV Craft LLP Categories: , ,

A trendy gift for the ones who cannot breathe without music! Our Bamboo amplifier is loud enough to surround your room with your favorite melodies (or the latest rap!). It requires no charging (one less thing to worry about!) or batteries & no bluetooth connection required (so no mobile phone battery drain either!).

India has traditionally been using bamboo in every stage of life, from birth to death. Most of the artisans here have learnt the art from their ancestors. Even their houses are generally built with bamboo walls & floors & thatched roofs. Fondly known as the most stylish part of India, the eastern artisans are mainly women who are enthusiastic about their fashion forward & contemporary designs. With the world staying at home, now is a as good a time as any to encourage our consumers towards a more ethically conscious life, to steer them towards products with a rich culture.

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Saanjh Bamboo Mobile Amplifiers | Voice Enhancers

Retail: $0.00

In stock

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