Sun and Moon Earrings, Luminous Celestial Earring

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My SUN and MOON design is based on my experience of the solar eclipse. The thought of the moon and sun meeting in a rare kiss punctuated my experience of that day. These earrings have the same glowing metallic leaf effect as the matching Sun and Moon pendant.

  • Available in silver-leaf, with surgical steel wires.
  • Choose between the round or oval shapes.
  • Additional crystal beads can be added for a longer dangle.
  • The glass is backed with filigree metal… so they’re pretty on both sides.
  • Dimensions:1 1/2” to 2 1/4″ long.


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Robin Urton has been a mixed media painter for  over 25 years and has a MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. She credits her dreams in leading her on a path to creating art. Frequent themes include birds, trees, animals, and flowers. Robin learned from selling art through shows that jewelry items were profitable, so she began creating pendants with zoom images of her artwork. She invented her process that allows metallic leaf to glow through the images. Many artists sell jewelry of art reproductions under glass or resin. Her jewelry is distinguished by the fact that the artwork are her own designs, and that the metallic leaf that shines through them gives them a glowing effect that cannot be accurately captured in photos.