Adventure Copper Stamped Necklace

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Hand Stamped Copper Adventure Necklace

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Get out there and seek your own adventures!

I’ve wanted to make a hoop and dangle style necklace for a while,and I figured it’d go great with a long tag pendant like this!

Hand stamped into awesome copper.

will tarnish slowly over time. Clean with a silver polishing cloth.

Material: copper,and nickle free chain

Length:21/5″, dangle part hangs another 2″


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I’ve been creating jewelry and accessories under Anurain Design since 2013. I’ve been learning metalsmithing and other jewelry techniques through my work at Bedrock Supply, a family owned business for 48 years, where I also teach others how to create stamped gifts too. I love making earthy,ecofriendly, and pretty items to fit particular themes and ideas. I can custom make certain products just for your area or clientelle and match trends. My style is unique and stands out amongst the crowd.

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Product Breakage/Defect: I test and check every product over thoroughly to make sure that it's fit for wear. Metals can naturally tarnish over time and I do use a micro crystalline wax to coat my items so they help prevent this tarnishing. Many products are patinated and the coating helps keep the design patina.It can be possible for an item to have a metal, stone, or solder defect that is unseen. If any product is received and does not meet your standards or breaks while being normally used/handled( I'll need photos to see the issue), I will replace it for you. If any packaging is damaged in transit please let me know.

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If you want more products but don't want to pay the $200 minimum, if you've already purchased a couple times from me I can lessen the minimum to refresh your stock.




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Adventure Copper Stamped Necklace

Retail: $34.00

2 in stock