8 oz. Mason Jar Soy Wax Candles

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Say hello to our hand-poured, uniquely swirled 100% soy wax candles with 100% cotton wicks and USA made jars. This is an 8 oz. Mason Jar Candle with an approximate burn time of 40 hours.

  • Beach Day Lake Michigan (blue) – There’s nothing else quite like a Beach Day! A favorite scent for many, this is the perfect combination of suntan lotion, coconut + sunshine!
  • Black Tie (dye-free) – A twist on a modern classic, this sexy scent is just like a masculine, spicy and woodsy cologne in a candle!
  • Blueberries + Bourbon (blue) – As one of the top blueberry producing states, it’s a must that we have something to represent! This scent is a great combination of sweet berries, warm vanilla beans and a splash of bourbon. It’s pretty gosh darn delightful!
  • Cherry Lemonade Stand (red/yellow) – Summer stroll, sunshine and a pocket full of change for that neighborhood lemonade stand! This scent will take you there! Sweet, fresh bowl of cherries and hand-squeezed lemons, will make your mouth water.
  • Chocolate Chunk Fudge (brown) – Extremely rich chocolate blend transforms into a mouthwatering chocolate chunk fudge!
  • Clean Cotton (dye-free) – It’s a ‘hang the laundry on the line’ sort of day! Fresh cotton scent, blowing in the breeze, sunshine beaming down. Warm summer days are the best!
  • Dow Gardens (light green) – Light and refreshing honeydew melon scent that makes you want to open the windows and let the sunshine in! Juicy, crisp and simply marvelous!
  • Driftwood (teal) – Nothing like the fresh air, beach sand and the washed up driftwood lining parts of the waters edge. Our Driftwood is a great, subtle earthy scent.
  • Farmer’s Market (burgundy) – A weekend favorite is a trip to the local farmer’s market. Fresh fruit and baked goods – a cherry and almond delight!
  • Fresh Brewed Coffee (brown) – A day without coffee is like….just kidding, I have no idea! This fragrance is so good, it’s addicting! When this candle is lit, you’ll think you’re swimming in an ocean of coffee beans! We cannot espresso how much you need this!
  • Ginger + White Tea (dye-free) – A warm and comforting scent with subtle hints of geranium and musk.
  • Grapefruit + Mangosteen (red/orange) – Delicious blends of ripe, tangy grapefruit mixed with the exotic, citrusy and sweet mangosteen. Super fresh and uplifting!
  • Great Lakes Fireside Brew (ivory) – Our Great Lakes provide the perfect back drop for sitting around the fire, sipping on some chai latte, listening to it’s perfect waves. Warm blends of spice, cloves and vanilla make up this all-year-around favorite!
  • Harvest (orange) – Whether this scent makes you scream “Happy Fall Y’all or Happy Fall You Guys”, there’s no doubt it’ll fill your space with the smell of Autumn! Wonderfully warm mixes of cinnamon, cloves + tea.
  • Home is Where the Heart Is (blue) – Warm blends of ginger, tea and coconut…HOME!
  • Life is Better at the Cabin (dark green) – North, East, South, West, wherever your compass leads you, this scent is a fantastic representation of cabin life! Pine mixed with an earthy blend of dirt trails and fresh air make up this popular blend. Get out and explore!
  • Lilac (purple) – This scent has a way of bringing back so many memories! We all have that childhood moment when we first came across this magnificent flower. Our Lilac scent will take you back in time, it’s just like you remember.
  • Lime + Cilantro (light green) – If you’re looking for a crisp burst of refreshing citrus, this is the one! Great blends of clean, bright lime and a touch of warm cilantro will consume your space. Wonderful uplifting scent anytime of year.
  • Little Lemon Tree (yellow) – This scent. Oh. My. Goodness. If you’ve ever sliced a fresh lemon, you’ll know that clean, crisp wonderful aroma you get. It’s perfect for filling up a space with the fantastic aroma of lemon zest!
  • Live. Laugh. Love. (light pink) – This is a delicate scent, reminiscent of sweet pea, light and airy. Wonderful for candle lovers who like a more subtle aroma.
  • Love Michigan (blue) – Whether we are giving directions by pointing at our hands, drinking pop or speaking with our fancy Michigan accent – one thing is for sure, we adore our Mitten State! A fantastic balance of citrus + fresh water with an abundance of ‘you guys’ and hard to spell cities.
  • M22 Fruit Stand (orange) – Road side stands, beautiful views, awesome shops, all the while, making memories! This road trip scent is a fresh blend of fruity melons and awesomeness! A must on your summer bucket list!
  • Macintosh Apple (red) – There’s nothing like the scent of a juicy, crisp, red apple! This one is a classic representation, so fresh and straight forward. Perfect anytime of the year!
  • Pecans ‘n Maple Syrup Waffles (ivory) – The scent name says it all – sweet and delicious! Stack of waffles with some gooey pecan praline syrup top with pecans [insert drooling face here]…oh yes!
  • Pineapple Blossom (yellow) – A refreshing blend of sweet, tropical pineapple and light floral blossoms!
  • Raspberry Coconut Sorbet (purple) – Sweet succulent blends of fruity raspberry + tropical creamy coconut!
  • Raspberry Patch (red) – Sweet and juicy raspberries.
  • Sandcastles + Driftwood (teal) – This fresh scent evokes memories of the beach with notes of sandalwood and musk.
  • Say Yes to Michigan (teal) – Show your enthusiasm for Texas with this pleasant blend of spice and floral notes.
  • Starry Night (purple) – A wonderful light blend of pomegranate and amber musk…it’ll have you seeing stars!
  • Super Duper Cherry (red) – So. Many. Cherries! Such a great cherry scent, you’ll think we added some real ones to it!
  • Sundrenched Citrus (orange) – This scent will make your mouth water! Smells just like a juicy orange!
  • Tahquamenon Twilight (blue) – Soft notes of pomegranate and musk emulate a soft Spring evening.
  • Traverse City Cherries Galore (red) – So. Many. Cherries! Traverse City is the place to be if you love this fruit! In the meantime, grab one of these candles and reminisce! Such a great cherry scent, you’ll think we added some real ones to it!
  • Tropical Oasis (light green) – Warm sunshine, beach waves and a fruity drink make up this Tropical Oasis!
  • Vanilla Bourbon (dye-free) – This vanilla scent is warm, rich and something you just can’t get enough of! It’s sweet, like a warm vanilla cake topped with whipped vanilla frosting, with a hint of adult beverage. Sounds delicious!

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