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#328 Botanical Heel Balm

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A herbal balm for cracked heels or hands (gardening hands!)

Ships From: Canada

Made By Mangata Apothecary Category:

Made with shea butter, magnesium salts, douglas fir, oregano, and peppermint essential oils. A wonderful treat for dry, sore feet (or gardening hands!)

Suggested Use:

1) Clean heels or cracked skin.
2) Apply liberally and massage into skin.
3) For optimal results, wear socks (or saran wrap!) for the next hour at least.

Recommended treatment:
Repeat each evening before going to bed until heels (or hands) have recovered

1.5 fl. oz.


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Having been raised on a farm in northern British Columbia, my desire to live simply and naturally was ingrained from birth. From fresh milk and butter, to home gardening and forest huckleberry picking- I grew up appreciating the Canadian wilderness.
I hold degrees in both Intercultural Studies and Midwifery & am pursuing my Master’s of Science in Herbal Medicine. This education has exposed me to many ways of understanding the world, with specific experience in alternative and holistic medicine.
My current focus is bringing herbal knowledge back into mainstream culture through educational books and products.
Please take a look at my most recent product line; Matoaka Products or go online to and try some of DIY recipes from my e-book, Eating Weeds.



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