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Not sure where to start with trying Matoaka products?

Give our spa package a try!Due to multiple requests, this customizable spa package contains 7 (plus one bonus item) of our Matoaka products in sample size containers. Perfect for those who don’t know which Matoaka products to purchase or those who want to try a few without the commitment of purchasing full sized products. Also ideal for those thinking of a special gift ideas. (Each sample size product contains enough contents for 1-2 uses).

Two options available :

A. Head Focus (Female or Male option)

1) #303 Botanical Face Steam

2) #305 Botanical Facial Scrub

3) #308 Botanical Shampoo & Body Wash

4) #027 Aloe Face Moisturizer

5) #327 Botanical Skin Balm

6) #310 Botanical Hair Oil or #311 Botanical Beard Oil (please make a note if this is for a man and I will make sure to include the Beard Oil)

7) #321 Botanical Perfume/Cologne “perk”


8) Downloadable 36 pg. pdf of “Eating Weeds” DIY herbal ebook ($12.99 CDN value).

B. Body Focus (Gender neutral)

1) #304 Botanical Bath

2) #306 Botanical Body Scrub

3) #056 Edgy Human Bath Bomb

4) #313 Botanical Body Bar

5) #328 Botanical Heel Balm

6) #317 Botanical Body Oil

7) #319 Botanical Perfume/Cologne “rest”

Full spa package for $32!

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Having been raised on a farm in northern British Columbia, my desire to live simply and naturally was ingrained from birth. From fresh milk and butter, to home gardening and forest huckleberry picking- I grew up appreciating the Canadian wilderness.
I hold degrees in both Intercultural Studies and Midwifery & am pursuing my Master’s of Science in Herbal Medicine. This education has exposed me to many ways of understanding the world, with specific experience in alternative and holistic medicine.
My current focus is bringing herbal knowledge back into mainstream culture through educational books and products.
Please take a look at my most recent product line; Matoaka Products or go online to and try some of DIY recipes from my e-book, Eating Weeds.