Walking Sticks from hardwoods in the Ozarks of America

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Quality walking sticks made from hardwoods in the Ozarks of America.

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If you are looking for an affordable option for walking sticks that don’t have all the frills of my other walking sticks I offer the Plain Walking Stick. These quality sticks are sometimes a little curvy and do not come with a leather strap but do come with a quality rubber tip on the end. If you are wanting a leather strap added there is an option in the purchase menu for that.

You get a walking stick from my huge collection of sticks made here in the Ozarks. Some of the wood types that I will choose from when sending you your stick are Dogwood, Hickory, Persimmon, Sweetgum, Elm, Cherry, Hawthorne, Pine, Ash, Sassafras, and others that grow in the Ozarks.

This walking stick would make a great companion as you hike the trails. You could also use it to overturn leaves when mushroom hunting. It would make a great gift for that hard-to-buy-for friend or family member.

A wood walking stick is a functional and stylish accessory that provides support and stability while walking or hiking. It is made from a variety of durable and attractive woods, including hickory, oak, and ash.

The benefits of using a wooden walking stick include:

Improved balance and stability: A wood walking stick can help you maintain your balance and reduce the risk of falls, especially on uneven or slippery surfaces.

Pain relief: If you have knee, back, or joint pain, a wood walking stick can help reduce the pressure on your joints and provide support while walking.

Increased endurance: A wood walking stick can help you walk longer distances with less fatigue, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities for longer periods of time.

Enhanced mobility: A wood walking stick can help you navigate through challenging terrains, such as rocky trails or muddy paths, with greater ease and confidence.

Style and fashion: Wood walking sticks are available in a range of colors, styles, and finishes, making them a fashionable and stylish accessory for any outfit.

Overall, a wood walking stick is a practical and versatile accessory that can help you stay active and independent, while also adding a touch of style to your outfit.

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Walking Sticks from hardwoods in the Ozarks of America

Retail: $0.00

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