Floral Smudge Bundle 5 inch

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Burn or use as a decoration to keep bad energy and vibrations at bay in your space.

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Cleanse and bless your home with these white sage smudge bundles. Used for thousands of years, across all denominations, white sage is used to cleanse spaces, refresh energy, and redirect momentum. Each is handmade and unique.


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Born from the drive to produce affordable guilt-free luxury that fits your lifestyle. Our mission is to help you through your life’s journey, the way family is supposed to. Cleanse your home and spirit with our variety of smudge bundles or treat yourself to our organic, cruelty-free cosmetics. The purpose of our products is to bring you closer to inner peace and getting in touch with their inner divine. Responsibly sourced, thoughtfully curated handcrafted luxury for less.



Floral Smudge Bundle 5 inch

In stock

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