Mini tote, natural gift bag, lunch bag, small purse

Retail: $19.99

The mini tote is the perfect accessory. It is extremely versatile and stylish. It’s a great little bag for a trip to the mall. It’s mini size makes it a perfect lunch or picnic bag. It makes an ideal small purse; Makes a great gift.



Spacious mini tote is made out of jute with round cane handles for easier carrying. It has an inner organic cotton lining that is removable and washable.

  • Jute exterior spot clean only
  • Organic cotton lining
  • Lining is removable and washable
  • Small pocket in top of lining
  • Printed with non toxic vegetable dyes
  • Polka dot design
  • Cane handles

Additional information

Weight .55 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 10 in



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Growing up in England in the 70’s and 80’s, it was very normal for our family to take our own grocery bags to the supermarket. I remember that “living economically” and “re-using” was common. So it is with much joy that I watch this drive to move us back to that way of living  once again. We are becoming more conscious of wastage and are actively thinking of ways in which we can be gentle to our wonderful Mother Earth.

We make a concerted effort to try and remember our own reusable bags for groceries.Unfortunately, these reusable bags eventually get damaged and tear. The kids’ school lunch bags get stained and unusable by the end of the school year! We end up tossing these bags into the trash and these reusable bags are made from synthetic materials such as, polypropylene and neoprene. These are harmful to the environment and do not break down naturally which means that we are further adding to the toxic waste in the landfills.

In my search for a better solution, I looked at the alternatives. I came across jute, a natural fiber that has been used for centuries in India, my native country. It is traditionally used for packaging rice and food products. Jute has many advantages. It is strong, sturdy, and reusable. Jute will not rip or tear and is a durable, natural fiber. Most appealing was the fact that it will completely decompose making it safe for the environment. Jute was the perfect solution!

I found many jute bags being sold were laminated with plastic lining, negating the beneficial environmental effect we were looking for. My journey led me to create, “The Jute Sak”. The bags at “The Jute Sak” are free of plastic. All the bags are lined with organic cotton. Our products are 100% biodegradable and made using only sustainable materials. In addition, all the colors used in printing are natural and harmless, AZO-free, non toxic vegetable dyes.

At The Jute Sak, our mission is to provide consumers with bags that are stylish, versatile, and also gentle on the environment.

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