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What are my options for shipping?

You have a few options when it comes to setting shipping rates for your orders, depending on what works best for your business. Each method is listed below. For more information on how to set each method up, click the link to the method.

Additionally, while you can set a default method for your entire shop, you can also configure a specific shipping method on individual products. This could be useful, for example, if you want to offer free shipping on starter packs or samples, but want to use calculated rates for the rest of your shop.

Live Rates

Using our partner integration with the shipping rate company Shippo we are able to now provide accurate, real-time shipping quotes from the carriers of your choice. Using this method you will also be able to print shipping labels from your seller dashboard.

This method is suited for sellers whose shipping costs can vary by item size or domestic destination. It is also useful for sellers who want to be able to purchase and print labels directly from their dashboard.

How to use Live Rates

Table Rate

If you have been a Stockabl member before July 2019, this is the original shipping method we offered. This method allows you to set shipping rates based on the subtotal, weight, or number of items in an order. It also enables you to charge different rates based on the country of the buyer. This method also allows you to set countries that you do not sell to.

This method is suited for sellers who prefer to use weight, item count, or subtotal to calculate shipping–and do not require different rates for different domestic geographic regions.

How to use Table Rates

Free Shipping

Exactly what it sounds like – if you select this as your default shipping method buyers will not be charged shipping on their order. To use, simply select this option as your default shipping method.


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