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Sell Your Designs: 9 Retail Business Strategies for Handmade Jewelry Shop Owners

Selling your homemade jewelry to others sounds like a business dream come true for a lot of people. But the realities of managing a business can get in the way of what you love and make it hard to make the enterprise a success.

That’s why you need to know the right retail business strategies when it comes to selling handmade jewelry to customers. 

We’ve written this post to outline the nine biggest strategies so you don’t have to think them up yourself! They’ll concern marketing, branding, and trading strategies that can make a real impact when positively implemented in your business plan.

That way, you can sell your handmade jewelry to even more people in the future!

1. Real Business Strategies: Focus Your Efforts On Your Ideal Customer

When it comes to business management, you need to know who your customers are. This is doubly true when it comes to your handmade jewelry.

These are personal, intimate products you’re hoping to sell to people. Because of that, you need to know which kind of person specifically would be interested in your jewelry over the competition.

The best way to do this is to picture your perfect customer in your mind. Think about who exactly she is; she will be your target market. Everything you do should cater primarily towards her moving forward.

2. It’s All Branding, and It’s All You

To stand out from others selling their jewelry, you need to work on your brand. This can be done through a logo, your web design, your adverts, your packaging, and more.

But this shouldn’t be a soulless venture. With handmade jewelry, you are also your brand. Think about how to involve yourself in your marketing and selling, to bring that personal touch to every aspect of your business.

This is especially the case with handmade brands, as customers really want to connect with the maker behind their favorite products. Introduce yourself periodically on social media, give behind the scenes glimpses of your studio or process. You don’t have to write a tell-all, but small touches can help your brand stand out.

3. Build Your Website With Love

If you don’t have a website yet, you’re already at a disadvantage. Online sales represent a huge portion of the overall market.

That’s why you need to put time and effort into designing your website. Look at your competition, and what they’re doing, and see how you can do things better.

Remember that your website should focus on being easy to read and navigate. Any terms you have should be both clear and easy to find, and you should always remember to make your website mobile-friendly for mobile users.

You also need to make sure you’re able to fulfill online orders for your jewelry, as this builds your reach considerably.

4. Don’t Stop at a Website, Use Social Media

You likely have personal social media accounts where you’ve been promoting your handmade jewelry. This is great, but to go a step beyond you also need to make accounts for your business.

Think about the kind of content you can post, such as videos of you making your jewelry, or promoting new products through images. 

This provides another channel for you to communicate with customers, and crucially, for customers to communicate with you.

5. Attend Relevant Shows and Events

This is a proven marketing strategy for retailers that build both your network and your customers.

Taking your products to fashion or jewelry shows gets them noticed by people in the industry. This helps to get your brand name out there in the world and spoken about with the right people.

It’s also a brilliant place to sell, as your target customers will all be in attendance. This might be hard to accomplish right now, but you can still get involved with digital shows and pop-up events.

6. Focus Not Just On Sales, but Retention

It’s 10X less expensive to convert an existing customer than finding a new one, so invest in engaging your existing customers! You want your customer to not just wear this jewelry, but love it so much that they’ll buy your next collection when you release it.

There are practical strategies you can adopt to make this happen. Make sure your branding is strong and your unboxing experience is top-notch. 

Invest in email automation strategies that nurture your customers and encourage them to become repeat purchasers. We recommend at a minimum creating a welcome series sent when they first join your list and a post-purchase series. Services like Klaviyo or Mailchimp are great for this. 

Make sure also that you are regularly checking your social media messages and email inboxes to tackle any problems a customer might have quickly and efficiently. 

This way, you can keep your buyers coming back for more in the future.

7. Keep on Top of Your Pricing Strategies

Pricing strategies are an integral part of the sales process. To price your jewelry properly at first, do your research in the market and see where your products fit.

Remember they are handmade, unique, and personal to your customer. You should ensure all your prices remain consistent; use a reliable pricing calculator if you are unsure on what to charge for a certain item.

You can use a calculator to get a base price, then compare this with your competition to ensure you’re listing the right price point every time.

8. Find Your Niche and Embrace It

If you’ve decided to sell your own jewelry online, chances are that you offer products that are different in some way to those already on the market. That’s because you’ll have your own style that you can bring to your jewelry.

You need to embrace this style, as it can be used as a strategy for your business overall. Find your niche and embrace it; show customers how your jewelry stands out from other items they can find online.

This is a great way to build your brand as well as to build confidence in your own jewelry, which is important to the continued success of your business.

9. You Are Your Business

The best strategy you can adopt with your handmade jewelry business is focusing on your jewelry itself. This is your unique selling point, your brand, and your product. 

Your jewelry is what makes you, well, you. That means your business is ultimately about you, and the effort you put in to make it a success. Never lose sight of that fact when you’re trying to adopt these other strategies above.

The best way to sell your jewelry is to make amazing, unique jewelry that nobody else is selling. Remember why you wanted to sell in the first place, and keep working to improve day by day.

What If I Need Further Assistance?

Now you know nine key retail business strategies for selling your handmade jewelry. But there’s more to it than just knowing strategies, you have to put them into practice.

Here at Stockabl, we’re a wholesale marketplace dedicated to exclusively showcasing the finest handmade products available today.

We offer support for both retailers and makers to take advantage of. If you want to find out more about how Stockabl can help you, make sure you contact us directly.

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