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Meet the Maker: Parcel Island

Say hello to Carley Hussain of Parcel Island! You can also check out her behind-the-scenes on our Instagram Highlights where she gives you a peek into her daily life, an office tour, and a look at her process.

How did you get into making? And how did you start your business?

As a Graphic Designer working in a corporate environment, I felt time over time my creativity would be subdued, keeping me from truly letting my unique ideas shine. I started Parcel Island 4 years ago with the goal of channeling my creative energy into a medium that I could benefit others.

What do you consider your greatest achievement (in life or your business)?

My greatest achievement was being able to purchase a home with my fiance and move to Philadelphia; all with the help of the profits from my business

How has your life changed since starting your business?

Parcel Island has opened up my network immensely. The people, makers, and stories I’ve gotten the chance to experience have molded not only my business but me as an artist. I would have never gotten the chance to make friends and business connections that are valuable personally and professionally if it wasn’t for Parcel Island

How do you come up with your designs?

Most of the greeting cards in my life are inspired by significant moments in my life. From getting engaged, to moving states, to getting a new job – all these moments are reflected in my work through puns, quirky saying and funny quotes.

What is it that makes your brand and/or story important?

I believe the most important thing about my business is my passion for collaborating with local artists, makers, and businesses.

As a business, we strive to help provide design/business advice to young artists and donate our services to local businesses in the Philadelphia area. When a small business succeeds, we all succeed!

Where do you see your brand going from here?

My goal would be to have our stationery in stores all across the country! We value our relationships with small brick and mortar stores.

When did you get started with wholesale and how did you know you were ready?

I have been wholesaling for the past year. I realized it was time to wholesale when many of my customers would refer me to their go-to shop or store. After so many referrals, the transition just clicked.

How did you decide your minimum order requirements?

The overhead cost of stationery has always been very minimal, so the ability to offer wholesale pricing was seamless. Our wholesale order requirements are based on my average order quantity, and it gives the buyer the ability to purchase many, varying designs from our line, to fully build out their stationery collection.

When you receive a new wholesale order, what steps do you take to get to know your buyer?

When I receive a new order, I like to either hop on a phone call or send an introductory email. Simply introducing myself, getting their contact information, and doing what I can to understand the business I am collaborating with.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to someone else just starting out with wholesale?

It is important to truly understand what your product and time are worth to ensure you are pricing your products appropriately for wholesale. Always consider tangible costs to create, the cost of your time, the other bills you have to pay, the cost of marketing and more. All these existing costs help you decide not only your product but your wholesale pricing as well.

Anything else you would like to share?

I am excited to be expanding to the wholesale market. Our goal is to collaborate with businesses across the country.

New around here?

Join our community! We’re always happy to meet new makers and retailers!



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