Livvie + Hazel’s gorgeous bohemian jewelry line is handcrafted by designer Pam Millershaski. Her studio is located on her family’s rural working farm in Gray County, Kansas, where they are raising 3 kiddos, cows, bulls and the cutest calves plus a little bit of corn.

Livvie + Hazel owner & designer Pam Millershaski

How did you start your business?

Livvie + Hazel actually began as WiReD Boutique, jewelry featuring scrabble tiles & dominoes in 2013, on Etsy. However, over the years, I kept going through growing pains until I realized that my soul was not connecting with my jewelry. Last year, I rebranded into my heart’s desire of bohemian style jewelry for the momma who requires her jewelry to be easy to grab & go.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement is bringing my 3 sons into existence & raising wonderful young humans.

How has your life changed since starting your business?

My life is amazingly better because of the fantastic people I have met & work with. One of my fellow jewelry makers is now one of my best friends.

What inspires you while your designing?

I’m inspired by the natural world around me. Currently, I’m putting the finishing touches on a new jewelry collection inspired by the Gypsum Hills of Kansas. I love jewelry that is slightly off-center & unusual with lots of texture & as much of the natural world as possible. As in my life, I don’t like to be predictable.

What is it that makes your brand special?

Livvie + Hazel jewelry is designed for the momma who is busy raising her family but still loves to look unique without a lot of fuss. All our jewelry is created to slip easily over her head or glide quickly on her wrist & stack or layer together so she can get back to life looking fabulous.

We’re now in a position to give to causes that promote women & mommas with 5% of all sales including wholesale; all the time. Livvie + Hazel recently promoted International Women’s Day & Wear Red for Women for heart health by giving 50% of sales on those days. We love supporting mommas all over the world!

Where do you see your brand going from here?

I’m loving the boutiques & small gift shops we are currently in; however, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the growing list of yoga, meditation & spa shops we have been included in.

When did you get started with wholesale and how did you know you were ready?

When I began Livvie + Hazel last year, we began with wholesale right away. I love working with retailers & feel they are our partners so that both our businesses can continue to grow & prosper. While our photos are great, our jewelry creates a much bigger impact in person so wholesale is perfect.

Do you offer samples upon request?

We don’t have samples of our jewelry but I have had retailers buy a necklace at retail then come back for a full wholesale order. I love crediting them for that necklace with their next order.

How did you decide your wholesale markup and minimum order?

Our jewelry has a markup of around 2.3 so that our retailers have flexibility with the prices they feel would be best for their shops. Our minimum order of $200 allows a beautiful assortment of jewelry to provide a lovely display in the shops.

When you receive a new wholesale order, what steps do you take to get to know your buyer?

I love getting to know the needs of a new shop. One of the first things I do is helping them help their customers by providing gemstone meanings & how these gems improve their customers’ lives.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to someone else just starting out with wholesale?

The most important advice I have for a new maker is that they get their pricing spot on. Know your numbers. All of them. Know the overhead to run your business. Know how much time it takes to create each piece. By knowing those numbers, you are able to know when & how frequently you’re able to offer free shipping, special pricing, free products, etc.


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