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There is a link to the complete Seller’s Terms at the bottom of this form (and you should read it before submitting) but here’s the short and sweet to get you started:

Your Shop: Approved makers create a personalized shop with their products, minimum quantities and order values, and shipping rates. You also have a space for a personal and shop profile (to help buyers get to know you), social links, and your shop policies.
How it works: Buyers browse, add your items to their cart, and checkout. You will receive notification of the order and have an opportunity to communicate with the buyer before accepting and fulfilling. You get paid!
Fees: Sellers choose from Standard or Patron level membership, which determines the features they have access to as well as transaction fees. Standard members pay a 6.5% transaction fee on sales, while Patron members pay 3.5%. This transaction fee (along with a 3.5% payment processing fee) is deducted from the sale before payment is sent to the seller. Buyers pay no fees to shop with Stockabl sellers.

More questions? Check out our FAQ page!

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